Speaker:          MS. KRISHNA KAUSHIK 
Topic:               Artificial Molecular Motors 
Date & Time:   Thursday, 1st October 2020 at 4 pm through Microsoft Teams  
Link: Microsoft Teams
The miniature world provides an insight into the occurrence of a lot of new things that represent completely new opportunities for design and development. At the atomic level, new kinds of forces are operational which instill new kinds of possibilities and effects. The problems associated with the manufacture and reproduction of materials are quite different at the molecular level. Inspired by biological phenomena which exploit mechanical motion, from the cis-transisomerization of retinal (which produces the visual signal) to rotary motor enzymes like ATPase (which harness and store chemical power in the cell) to muscles (which produce macroscopic power from mechanical molecular motion) and ion pumps, several major scientific breakthroughs have been achieved in the field of artificial molecular machines.By focusing on past achievements,in my talk I would be discussing the present limitations and future perspectives of molecular motors that can be harnessed to achieve function.

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