Speaker:           Ms.   KRISHNA MANNA

Topic :              Applications of Carbonized MOF

Date & Time:   Thursday, 12th March 2020 at 4:00 PM

Venue:              SSCU Auditorium


Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) have been extensively studied not only in catalysis but also in different fields such as energy storage, gas adsorption and sensing. However, the main constraint for MOF application in catalysis is their relatively low thermal and chemical stability. On account of these, there are now a growing number of reports on the preparation of various MOF templated carbon-based nanomaterials. In this talk, I will mainly be discussing about a choice of some suitable precursor MOF, and further post synthetic functionalization by carbonisation process. Then I will be discussing their applications in Organic transformation, Visible light Photocatalysis, Supercapacitor and Hydrogen evolution reaction. The results show that these applications of carbonised MOF show satisfactory result and further investigation for the improvement is going on.


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