Speaker:         Pritha Mondal
Topic:              X-ray Free Electron Laser
Date & Time:  Monday, 2nd March 2020 at 2:45 PM
Venue:            SSCU Auditorium


Molecular movements take place in ultrafast time scale. Several spectroscopic techniques have been used so far to study the various reaction dynamics like energy transfer between two states, yet the goal to watch molecules evolve their geometrical structure in real time remains challenging. The new exciting experiments using the X-ray free electron laser might make this possible and allow us to study these dynamical processes. In this talk I will explain how to engineer a free electron laser and how it will help us in capturing an atomic scale motion picture of a chemical process in a time of few femtoseconds (1fs = 10-15sec). In addition, the unravelling of the complex structure of a single protein or virus using this similar technique will also be discussed. Later I will end my talk by showing some its application which have been demonstrated in the recent studies.


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