Speaker: Sangita Mondal
Topic : Leidenfrost Droplets: Stability, Dynamics and Applications

Date & Time: Thursday, 27th February 2020 at 4:00 PM

Venue: SSCU Auditorium

If we place a liquid droplet on an extremely hot solid surface that has a temperature much higher than the boiling point of the liquid, then an insulating vapor layer is produced between the liquid and the solid surface. As a result, the liquid levitates and moves around frictionlessly on its own vapor layer over the solid surface. This phenomenon is known as Leidenfrost effect. Here, the absence of the solid-liquid contact provides enhanced mobility to the levitating liquid, in contrast to the usual situation where the contact lines induce adhesive friction. Scientists have observed unique macroscopic and microscopic dynamics accompanied by surprising alteration of the physicochemical properties of water. In this talk, I shall introduce the concept and discuss several interesting aspects exhibited by these kinds of droplets. In addition, I shall describe the conditions of stability for the levitating Leidenfrost droplets and how these can be used as an overheated and charged green chemical reactor.

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