Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit
BANGALORE – 560 012

Dr. Wenbing Yun

Sigray, Inc., USA


Novel Lab based X-ray Spectroscopy Techniques for non destructive Trace Level Chemical Mapping (2D & 3D), Ultra Thin Film Thickness Monitoring and Electronic State Characterization at Micron Resolution

Date & Time : Tuesday 18th December 2018 at 11:00 AM
Venue : SSCU Auditorium
Elemental mapping has traditionally been carried out in the laboratory using SEM-EDS, ICP-MS, XRF and SIMs. However, there are major unaddressed needs in the event there is a requirement for non destructive mapping of trace elements (at sub ppm levels) and with sub 10 um to nanoscale resolution. The problem is also more challenging when the material is a biological tissue or soft material or when there is a need to map elements in 3D. Currently, there is no commercially available lab instrumentation that could easily analyze the oxidation state of the element under study or to determine the bond lengths of the chemical. In these situations, the only course of action is to perform these tasks at synchrotron facilities with microXRF and XAS (X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy) beamlines.

Utilizing a patented ultra high brightness lab X-ray source which is energy tunable coupled with high efficiency X-ray optics, Sigray has been able to address the above analytical gaps. We will be presenting two complementary laboratory based x-ray spectroscopy instrumentation.

Sigray AttoMap™, is a micro x-ray fluorescence system (microXRF) with high, sub-femtogram sensitivity mapping and quantification at the single digit microns-scale, reaching down to 3-4 microns spatial resolution. In addition, the system can be upgraded to a 3D x-ray confocal system. The resulting 2D and 3D analyses provide depth resolved concentration of trace metals. Applications in material science include lithium ion battery and catalyst research. In biological science, these include metallomics and cancer research. In the field of electronics and semiconductor, the Attomap has demonstrated its power to detect trace level contamination non destructively. Another exciting development is the ability to monitor As deposited film thickness from sub 2 nm to atomic monolayers in front end application. Results on non destructive Au film thickness measurement in advance packaging such as microbumps compared against TEM cross sections will be presented..
The Sigray QuantumLeap™ XAS, is currently the only laboratory-based commercial x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) that provides unprecedented access to electronic state information on elements. XAS unlocks critical chemical state information, including: oxidation state, coordination environment, bond symmetry, and bond lengths which lend itself very well to battery, catalyst, and corrosion research. Other applications include the composition and oxidation states of high k materials as a function of process conditions, or the aging effects of Organic LEDs or displays.
A preview of other instrumentation breakthroughs utilizing the energy tunable ultra high brightness source and optics will also be given. These includes a suite of high speed and high resolution X-ray Microscopy (XRM).