Venue: SSCU Auditorium

Ionic Liquids (Ils) are analogous to molten salts with melting point below 100C. They are recognized as a third group of solvents (and electrolytes), following water and organic. Currently they are making a huge impact in the field of green chemistry due to their low toxicity, high thermal stability and low vapour pressure. Ionic liquids are labelled as designer solvents as their structures can easily be tuned to get desired properties like viscosity, surface tension, conductivity, thermal stability, vapour pressure, etc. In this talk, I am going to discuss the structure of ionic liquids in solid and vapour phase from various techniques like in-situ Cryocrystallography, Raman spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Properties like conductivity, vapour pressure and their correlation with structure will be outlined alongwith some recent applications.

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All are cordially invited to attend