SPECIAL SEMINAR by Mr. Vijayasimha Ajarananda

Title: Orthogonal signal sensor clusters for AI and Learning Systems

Date & Time : Wednesday 24th May, 2017 at 11:30 AM

Venue : SSCU Auditorium

Data Analytics for AI and Big Data Analytics require a reasonable degree of precision and accuracy of the primary “small” data in order to be functionally useful. However, there are significant challenges acquiring “dependable” data that are of acceptable precision and accuracy for analytics in health sciences. What is proposed here is the use of a cluster of sensors that can orthogonally decompose physiological signals and reconstruct them to obtain more error free data and data trends with an inbuilt capability to parameterize data validation. An example will be discussed.

Brief Bio of Mr. Vijayasimha Ajarananda:
Graduated from BITS Pilani in 1979 and has spent over 30 years in product development, production engineering, manufacturing and market entry strategy in areas as high precision analytical instruments, tribology and measurement systems, semiconductor manufacturing, fermentation technology, bulk drugs manufacturing, factory automation and robotics, aerospace engineering and medical technology. His engagements have been with various businesses from start up to the rejigging of stagnant or failed businesses across the US, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation, Singapore and India. He is an active member of the FICCI Healthservices Committee and the FICCI Advisory Council on Innovation and an active evangelist for the development of a vibrant medical technology ecosystem for India. Currently he is on the Board as Director and Advisor for a technology companies and Foundations engaged in inventing and innovations. Inventing in India is one of the initiatives that am a proponent of and a part of Waste Impact, an NGO building inclusive ecosystem for grass root inventions leveraging science and technology for the sustainable management of waste.