Aninda Jiban Bhattacharyya




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Physical Chemistry and Materials Chemistry

My research group primarily focuses on the understanding of diverse electrochemical phenomena and their correlation with materials physicochemical characteristics. The know-how from fundamental studies is translated to the chemical design of novel materials for applications, specifically of relevance to energy and sensing. All research projects are financially supported by the Government of India Funding Agencies.

Specific topics
• Electroactive Soft Matter, Nanosized Structures and Assemblies, Lower Dimensional Materials
• Energy Storage and Generation
  >> High energy density batteries: Advanced Li-ion and beyond Li-ion battery chemistries (Na-ion and multivalent-ion), Metal-S, Metal-O2, N2, CO2
  >> Supercapacitors
  >> Solar energy harvesting devices and associated processes
• Electrochemical Biosensing
• Operando diagnostics probing the correlation of (interfaces)surfaces, morphology, and dynamics on materials properties and impact on device function

Keywords: Electrochemical Processes, Nanomaterials, Organic Soft Materials (Polymer Electrolytes), Energy Systems/Processes (Batteries, Supercapacitors, Photon Harvesting), Electrocatalysis, Biosensing

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