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Near-Room-Temperature Colossal Magnetodielectricity and Multiglass Properties in Partially Disordered La2NiMnO6, D. Choudhury, P. Mandal, R. Mathieu, A. Hazarika, S. Rajan, A. Sundaresan, U. V. Waghmare, R. Knut, O. Karis, P. Nordblad, and D. D. Sarma, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 127201 (2012).

We report magnetic, dielectric, and magnetodielectric responses of the pure monoclinic bulk phase of partially disordered La2NiMnO6, exhibiting a spectrum of unusual properties and establish that this compound is an intrinsically multiglass system with a large magnetodielectric coupling (8%–20%) over a wide range of temperatures (150–300 K). Specifically, our results establish a unique way to obtain colossal magnetodielectricity, independent of any striction effects, by engineering the asymmetric hopping contribution to the dielectric constant via the tuning of the relative-spin orientations between neighboring magnetic ions in a transition-metal oxide system. We discuss the role of antisite (Ni-Mn) disorder in emergence of these unusual properties.