The department admits students for research leading to the PhD degree. Newly admitted students are required to take courses within SSCU and in other departments of the Institute as a part of their training. Students are also required to give at least two seminars during their PhD studies. The minimum qualification for admission to the PhD program is a Masters degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science or a related subject.  For those with M.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics must have been a part of their Undergraduate curriculum. Many students join the SSCU through the institute’s Integrated PhD program. The qualification for the Integrated PhD program is a Bachelor’s degree in Science. Detailed information for mode of entry to PhD and Int. PhD Programs of IISc can be obtained from:

The department also provides opportunities for post-doctoral research. Announcements with regard to post-doctoral positions are posted on the SSCU website ( as and when they are available.

Apart from students joining SSCU through regular research programs of IISc, many students are selected to carry out research under specific projects as Project Assistant/Associate/Trainee (Qualification: Master’s degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science). Announcements with regard to Project Assistantships are posted on the SSCU website ( as and when they are available.

SSCU also welcomes every year limited number of highly meritorious students for Summer Assistantships (Qualification: 1st/2nd Yr. Master’s degree, B.Tech./BE 7th semester), Master’s degree Project Work at SSCU.  Interested candidates may directly contact faculty members matching their area of research interests.

Courses Offered

SSCU offers the following courses in the first and second terms of an academic year:

SS 201 (AUG) 3:0 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Course Instructor: Awadhesh Narayan

SS 202 (AUG) 3:0 Introductory Quantum Chemistry
Course Instructors: Vivek Tiwari and Anshu Pandey

SS 205 (AUG) 3:0 Symmetry and Structure in the Solid State
Course Instructor: T. N. Guru Row

 SS 206 (JAN) 3:0 Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Applications to Phase Transitions
Course Instructor: Biman Bagchi

SS 207 (JAN) 3:0 Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Applications to Biology
Course Instructor: Biman Bagchi

 SS 208 (AUG) 3:0 Principles of Solid State Physics
Course Instructors: S Ramasesha and Naga Phani Aetukuri

 SS 209 (AUG) 3:0 Electrochemical Systems
Course Instructor: Naga Phani Aetukuri

SS 303 (JAN) 3:0 Polymeric Materials: Synthesis and Physical Properties
Course Instructors: Aninda J. Bhattacharyya and Satish Patil

 SS 304 (AUG) 3:0 Solar Energy and Materials
Course Instructors: Satish Patil and Anshu Pandey

SSCU faculty members are also involved in the following courses which are part of the Integrated PhD and Undergraduate program

CD 204 (AUG) 3:0 Chemistry of the Solid State
Course Instructor: S. Natarajan

CD 211 (AUG) 3:0 Quantum Chemistry and Group Theory
Course Instructors: D. D. Sarma, S. Ramasesha

CD 212 (AUG) 3:0 Inorganic Chemistry: Main Group and Coordination Chemistry
Course Instructors: Abhishake Mondal, E. D. Jemmis

CD214 (Aug) 3:0 Basic Mathematics
Course Instructors: S. Yashonath

 CD 215 (AUG) 0:4 Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
Course Instructors: Abhishake Mondal, E. N. Prabhakaran

CD221 (JAN) 3:0 Physical Chemistry-II: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 
Course Instructor: Govardhan Reddy

CD 225 (JAN) 0:4 Physical and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Course Instructors: S. Natarajan, Aninda J. Bhattacharyya and C. Shivakumar

UC202 (JAN) 2:0 Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry 
Course Instructor: Anshu Pandey