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Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit (SSCU) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru invites applications for faculty position at all levels, particularly at the Assistant Professor level. We are always interested in faculty candidates with backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics, Applied or Engineering Physics, Materials, Chemical and Electrical Engineering whose interests align with our research themes. For more information about our research groups and their recent research, we encourage you to visit our webpage –

Prospective candidates should have a PhD and post-doctoral experience (minimum 3 years) in any area of Chemistry, Physics, Applied Physics, Materials Science or other related disciplines. The candidates are expected to have demonstrated the ability to develop an independent research program. They should exhibit potential for being one of the best groups globally in their areas of research. Outstanding researchers with a proven track record of research of global repute may apply to higher positions. The candidates are expected to contribute to the department’s teaching program at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Interested applicants are requested to send the relevant documents as per the requirements mentioned in the IISc Bengaluru website (

SSCU Research Productivity

SSCU has fostered a culture of excellence since its beginning. We are proud to mention that SSCU leads IISc in terms of research productivity. More information, compiled by JRD Tata Memorial Library, can be found at –

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About Our Research

SSCU is a world-renowned premier center with highly interdisciplinary research spanning frontier areas lying at the intersection of Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science. We develop nanomaterials for solar cells and batteries, catalysts for fuel cells, molecular magnetic materials, soft biomaterials, organic materials for LEDs, light sensors, etc. We also specialize in developing novel spectroscopic techniques such as ultrafast time-resolved and NMR methods for charactering materials on a fundamental and applied level. To complement this experimental expertise, our faculty also develops theoretical and computational methods spanning areas of biophysics and condensed matter physics. In general, our faculty work at the interface of experiment and theory in a very interdisciplinary setting as reflected in the below composition of SSCU faculty and students.

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