Prospective Students

We are always interested in students with backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics, Applied or Engineering Physics, Materials, Chemical and Electrical Engineering whose interest align with our research areas. For more information about our research groups and their recent research, we encourage you to visit our webpage –

SSCU Research Productivity

We are proud to mention that SSCU leads IISc in terms of research productivity. More information, compiled by JRD Tata Memorial Library, can be found at –

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About Our Research

SSCU is a world-renowned premier center with highly interdisciplinary research spanning frontier areas lying at the intersection of Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science. We develop nanomaterials for solar cells and batteries, catalysts for fuel cells, molecular magnetic materials, soft biomaterials, organic materials for LEDs, light sensors, etc. We also specialize in developing novel spectroscopic techniques such as ultrafast time-resolved and NMR methods for charactering materials on a fundamental and applied level. To complement this experimental expertise, our faculty also develops theoretical and computational methods spanning areas of biophysics and condensed matter physics. In general, our faculty work at the interface of experiment and theory in a very interdisciplinary setting.

Ph.D. and Integrated Ph.D. Programs

Detailed information for mode of entry to PhD and Int. PhD Programs of IISc can be obtained here –

SSCU admits students for research leading to the PhD degree. Newly admitted students are required to take courses within SSCU and in other departments of the Institute as a part of their training. Students are also required to give at least two seminars during their PhD studies. The minimum qualification for admission to the PhD program is a Masters degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science or a related subject.  For those with M.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics must have been a part of their Undergraduate curriculum. Many students join the SSCU through the institute’s Integrated PhD program. The qualification for the Integrated PhD program is a Bachelor’s degree in Science.

In addition to student intake through the Regular Ph.D. Program, each year Int. Ph.D. students of the Chemical Sciences Division are also admitted to SSCU for pursuing Ph.D. The Int. Ph.D. of the Chemical Sciences Division students are highly encouraged to contact and discuss research topics with faculty members of the Unit.

During their tenure at SSCU, the Unit highly encourages participation of students in various academic activities including participation and presentation of their research work at top International and National conferences/workshops. Financial support for such visits are either funded via Institute or through Travel Schemes of the National Funding bodies such as DST, CSIR.

Apart from students joining SSCU through regular research programs of IISc, many students are selected to carry out research under specific projects as Project Assistant/Associate/Trainee (Qualification: Master’s degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science). Announcements with regard to Project Assistantships are posted on the SSCU website ( as and when they are available.

SSCU also welcomes every year limited number of highly meritorious students for Summer Assistantships (Qualification: 1st/2nd Yr. Master’s degree, B.Tech./BE 7th semester), Master’s degree Project Work at SSCU.  Interested candidates may directly contact faculty members matching their area of research interests.


Minimum qualification for admission to the Ph.D. programme is a M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Chemical Sciences/ Physical Sciences/Materials Science or Graduates of 4-year Bachelor of Science programes with at least a second class or equivalent grade. For those with a M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics must have been a part of their undergraduate curriculum. The selection of students for the regular Ph.D. program is through successful qualification in NET/GATE/Inspire fellowships and interviews (conducted twice a year). Additionally, the Unit is open to admit students through the External Registration Program (ERP) of the Institute. The total intake of students through the Regular Ph.D. Program is approximately 15 per year. As per the Institute rules, SSCU does not directly admit students for Institute Ph.D. program.

Postdoctoral Fellows

The department also provides several opportunities for postdoctoral research. Announcements with regard to post-doctoral positions are posted on the SSCU website ( as and when they are available. Fellowship opportunities for post-doctoral research include Institute Program, sponsored projects or National programs such as DST-SERB-NPDF, UGC-DSK fellowships. Teachers from Colleges/Universities are also welcome to apply to funding schemes approved by National Funding organization for conducting collaborative research with Unit faculty members.

Meritorious candidates are especially encouraged to contact relevant SSCU faculty members to apply for the highly prestigious Raman Postdoctoral Fellowship of IISc. More information can also be found here –

Information can be further obtained by writing to the Chairman of SSCU ( or to individual faculty members in whose area you are interested. The areas and the email addresses are available on the department website.