Associate Professor
Ph.D. Stanford
Postdoc IBM Research, Almaden
Phone: +91 80 2293 3534

We are constantly looking for good students. Please email me or drop by my office if you would like to discuss more about my research.

Research Objective: The overarching research objective is to develop novel materials and devices for energy-efficient electronics and energy storage with particular emphasis on high energy density batteries. Thin film synthesis techniques would be employed for application-driven design of transition metal compound thin films and heterostructures for potential applications in energy-efficient electronics, energy storage and electrocatalysis.

Research Topics of Interest

  1. Energy Storage, with emphasis on High Energy Density Batteries (including solid-state Li-ion, metal-oxygen and multivalent-ion batteries)
  2. Electroactive Heterostructures and Surfaces for Electrocatalysis
  3. Thin Films and Heterostructures for 2D and Energy-Efficient Electronics
  4. Defect Physics, Ion Transport and Ionic Devices
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