Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Chicago
Phone: +91 80 2293 2070

Our research is aimed at understanding new physical properties that emerge in nanoscale matter. Nanostructured materials behave very differently from their bulk counterparts and offer several opportunities and advantages over bulk materials.

Current Interests:

  • Quantum Dot Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Quantum dots can serve as single photon emitters that are required for quantum communication and communication. We are interested in developing quantum dots optimized to suit specific single photon generation applications.

  • Photodetectors

We are interested in developing photodetector devices from solution processed nanomaterials. For example we have shown near infrared photodetector devices developed from I-III-VI2 semiconductors.

  • Plasmonic Materials

Metal nanoparticles enable the convenient regulation local photonic density of states. This can in turn alter the properties of nearby emitters. We are interested in emergent phenomena in these materials.

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