Ph.D Thesis Colloquium

Speaker:                  Ravindra Kumar Bhardwaj 

Ph.D Supervisor:     Prof. Aninda Jiban Bhattacharyya 

Date & Time:           24th Dec 2021 at 11.00 am 

Title:                        Design of Electroactive Materials and Mechanistic Investigations of Diverse Metal (Li, Na, Mg)-Sulfur Batteries  

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Metal-sulfur battery promises to be a high performance, economical and sustainable alternative to the conventional Li-ion and various other upcoming metal-ion batteries. It holds potential beyond small mobile applications to large scale applications e.g., electric mobility and grid as well as applications of strategic national interests. The commercial feasibility of metal-sulfur battery however, faces several challenges. The major challenges can be broadly classified as follows: (a) dissolution of intermediate polysulfides into liquid electrolytes (polysulfides shuttle) (b) insulating nature of sulfur (c) volume changes of the cathode during cycling and (d) usage of highly reactive and unsafe metals as anodes. The present thesis discusses the materials strategies to contain/alleviate the abovementioned detrimental factors and mechanistic investigations using various characterization techniques across different metal-sulfur battery chemistries viz. Li-S, Na-S, Mg-S.