Dr. Karthik V. Raman
Ramanujan Faculty Fellow
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
Ph:     (+91)-80-2293-3534 (Direct)
(+91)-80-22932336 Ext: 2110
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  • Nano-magnetism and mesoscopic spintronics
  • Molecular electronics
  • Thin film growth and nanofabrication
  • Spin-caloritronics
  • Sensor and memory devices

Selected Invited talks

  • ‘Interface-assisted Molecular Spintronics’, AVS Conference (Symposium), Baltimore, Maryland (Nov 2014).
  • ‘Tailoring Interfaces at Molecular scale’, SPIN OS conference, Himeji, Japan (Oct. 2014).
  • ‘Molecular route to building memory devices’, International Conference on Functional Metalorganics, Kolkotta (Feb 2013).
  • ‘Spin polarized tunneling and injection in organic semiconductors’ (Symposium), APS March Meeting, Portland, US (2010).


  • “High Density Molecular memory storage with read and write capabilities”. K VENKATARAMAN, J MOODERA WO Patent 2,013,062,617, WO Patent 2,013,062,61