Speaker:          Asha Sweety Thomas 

Topic:             Super Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 

Date & Time:     Thursday, 11th February 2021 at 4:00 PM through MICROSOFT TEAMS 

Link to Microsoft Teams platform:



The fluorescence microscope is a powerful and non-invasive imaging tool owing to its ability to image live samples labelled with specific fluorescent markers. However, the resolution of a conventional microscope is diffraction limited which makes it difficult to resolve objects closer than few hundreds of nanometers. The non-invasive nature of the light microscope makes it highly desirable to improve the resolution beyond this limitation to image the sub cellular components and associated biochemical processes. Super-resolution fluorescence microscopic techniques are a set of techniques which have been introduced to circumvent the diffraction limit of light microscope and enhance the resolution of microscopic imaging down to a few nanometers.

The different super resolution techniques that are being currently used can be conceptually classified as the derivatives of the three main super resolution techniques – SIM, STED and PALM – which will be discussed in the talk. I will be discussing the conceptual basis which makes these techniques possible, as well as the new science enabled by super-resolution microscopy.


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