Speaker          :   Ms. Debasmita Pariari

Topic               :   Spin Field Effect Transistor

Date & Time    :  18th February at 4:00 pm through MICROSOFT TEAMS 

Link to Microsoft Teams platform:


The spin field effect transistor (FET) envisioned by Datta and Das opens a gateway to spin information processing. The proposed spin FET is proven to be promising to revolutionize the way all existing transistor-based devices work through the implementation of a faster and a more efficient performance. In addition, the non-volatility of data storage, less heat generation, and smaller space occupation makes the spin FET even more advantageous over the traditional transistors. A functional spin FET for information processing is yet to be realized owing to several fundamental challenges. Such are the low spin-injection efficiency due to resistance mismatch, the spin relaxation, and the spread of spin precession angles.

In this seminar, I shall be discussing the fundamental concepts required to realize the spin FET and the key challenges as well as some remarkable progresses made during the last two decades, making us believe in the fact that the realization of spin FET is within reach, despite the significant challenges that lay ahead.


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