Speaker:             Lipika Baidya 

Topic:                   Inferring Non-equilibrium Dynamics using Maximum Caliber 

Date & Time:       26th November, 2021 at 4.00 PM through MICROSOFT TEAMS  

The link for joining the seminar is below.


It is challenging to understand the dynamics of non-equilibrium systems at the microscopic level. Using variational principle technique, maximum caliber (MaxCal) can determine the significance of different microscopic paths through which a system can evolve with time. The principle of MaxCal is similar to the principle of maximum entropy (MaxEnt). In MaxEnt, the probabilities of different thermodynamic states are optimized by maximizing the entropy of a given system constrained by a set of known average properties. Unlike MaxEnt, MaxCal is applicable on a set of paths and determines the weight of each path constrained by known dynamical properties such as rate or flux by maximizing the path entropy. The theory of MaxCal is general and can be applied to both thermal and non-thermal systems[1], such as information flow through the internet, the flow of assets in the stock market, flocking of birds, etc. In this seminar, I will first introduce the formulation of MaxCal, taking an example of a two-state thermodynamic system[2]. Then, I will discuss the application of MaxCal in determining the strength of positive feedback in a gene circuit[3].


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