Speaker: Ms. Krishna Manna 

White Light Emission using Metal Organic  Frameworks and Inorganic Perovskite  Materials   

Date & Time: Thursday, 9th December 2021 at 4:00 PM through Microsoft Teams

The link for the joining the seminar is below


White-light emitting materials have attracted extensive research interest in recent years, which is largely ascribed to their potential applications in LED.  The common method for obtaining white-light emitting materials has focused on the integration of three primary coloured (red-green-blue) or two complementary coloured luminescent phosphors covering the entire visible range (400-800 nm). Based on the idea of integration, white-light emitting materials can be obtained by using the single small organic molecules, hydrogels, single carbon dots, Metal organic Frameworks, Metal oxides etc.

In my Seminar, I will briefly discuss about a fast and economical way to synthesize a three-dimensional Metal Organic Framework derived from Zn and formic acid with a strong blue emission. This polymer is subsequently doped with mixtures of lanthanide salts to obtain a white emitter and its application to white-lightemitting diode (WLED)[1]Then I will present how the halide perovskite materials can be tuned to get white-light emission through doping of Mn2+ and Zn2+ and its application towards WLED. [2,3]


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