Speaker: Ms. Shilpa Debnath 

Research Supervisor: Prof. Satish Patil

Topic: One-Dimensional Organic Topological Insulator 

Date & Time: Thursday, 1st September, 2022 at 4:00 PM 


Venue: SSCU Auditorium 




The topological insulators ( TIs ) have emerged as a new state of quantum matter which behaves as an insulator in their interior but contains gapless boundary states. Contrary to the 2D and 3D TIs, the edge states of 1D TIs are not conducting, but the zero-energy states are restricted to the edge of the system. According to Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) model, a one-dimensional conjugated polymer can exhibit a metallic state at the topological transition point, which circumvents the instability of metallic phases in π-conjugated one-dimensional polymer. In my seminar, I will concisely describe the SSH model to understand the ideas of topology and topological invariants. Also, I will focus on how targeting to position a π-conjugated one-dimensional polymer as close as possible to the topological transition point might help to attain intrinsic metallic polymer, which is otherwise not achievable.




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