Speaker:          Sounak Ghosh 


Topic:               Capture and Transformation of CO2 into valuable Chemicals 


Date & Time:   Thursday, 25th  February 2021 at 4:00 PM through MICROSOFT TEAMS 


Link to Microsoft Teams platform: 




Over the years, human activities have led to a massive increase in CO2 emissions.The progressive increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has triggered a severe potential threat to the environment causing global warming. It has long been a scientific dream to convert CO2 into useful fuels since this would tackle two significant concerns about energy and environmental crises. CO2 capture presents itself as the only meaningful solution to the consequences of global warming, which continues to push temperatures closer and closer to the climate-apocalypse threshold. Due to the high kinetic and thermodynamic stability of CO2, it requires activation by different catalytic methods like thermocatalytic, photocatalytic, electrocatalytic, photoelectrocatalytic, etc. In these methods, the system involves metals which catalyze the CO2 reduction. On the other hand, some metal-free systems are also emerging which can capture and catalytically reduce atmospheric CO2.


In this seminar, I shall discuss how CO2 can be reduced using various catalytic methods to produce value-added chemicals, which can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels.




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